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Flexible packaging solutions tailored to fit your product requirements.


■ Packaging Materials
for Confectionery and Food

For nearly 100 years, Totai has been producing high quality packaging for various food and confectionery products.
Totai's packaging delivers on preserving freshness of products with protection from oxygen, moisture, and light.
Our packaging also delivers on design appeal with superior rotogravure printing and many convenience features.

一般菓子食品用包装材料 製品サンプル画像
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■ Retort Packaging Materials

Convenient shelf stable retorted foods such as pasta sauce and hot pot soup base have become a part of our daily lives.
Totai’s high barrier packaging protects food contents from oxygen, moisture, and light to preserve freshness for a long shelf life.
It incorporates materials that can be processed under retort sterilization conditions while resistant to pinholes and durable from distribution abrasion and pressures.

レトルト用包装材料 製品サンプル画像
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■ Lid Films with Easy Peel

Totai’s lid films are used for various cups and trays which contain products such as yogurt, jelly, tofu, and rice.
The lid film materials meet requirements for sterilization, barrier performance, ease of opening, and pitch stability for processing.

イージーピールトップ材フィルム 製品サンプル画像
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■ Refillable Packaging Materials

詰め替え用包装材料 製品サンプル画像
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In the interest of resource reduction and disposability, refill pouches have become popular across various product categories.
For liquid products such as shampoos, conditioners, body soaps, detergents, fabric softener, and hand soaps, customized packaging is based on requirements for film structures as well as designs to enhance brand image with high quality printing and pouch forming.

■ Packaging Materials for Gel Ice Packs

保冷剤用包装材料 製品サンプル画像
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One of Totai's high-performance packaging is used for gel ice packs.
This packaging film for viscous liquid FFS, requires pinhole, and tear resistance under extreme temperatures while delivering high quality printed images.
Totai offers capabilities to produce packaging that will meet various challenging requirements and conditions.

■ Packaging Materials for Industrial Materials

工業材料用包装材料 製品サンプル画像
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Totai's basic philosophy of protecting and preserving integrity of the customers' products also applies to packaging for industrial products.
Our capabilities include the production of bags for packaging and bags to convey industrial materials and electronic components during processing.
Depending on the application, we prepare the best and the most suitable packaging materials to be used with confidence.


Q-coat processing is a unique barrier coating processing technology developed by Totai based on many years of experience and achievements.

■ Features


Q-coating is normally applied on widely used films but it can also be used to add barrier functions on specialized materials.


Q-coat can be applied over the printed layer so it will not affect the color gradation and color reproducibility.


The degree of barrier performance can be adjusted with the amount and number of coats.

■ Basic Process

In Q-coat processing, barrier coating can be applied to printed films to produce barrier films for further processing and laminations.

■ Application Examples

① Matt Film + Q-Coat

Matte films with barriers are expensive and availability is limited. Q-coat applied to matte films provide these barriers at a reasonable price.

② Easy-to-Open Film + Q-coat

There are various films that have excellent opening functions, such as straight-cut films, transverse cut films, and films that can be cut from anywhere, but not many of these films have a barrier function.
Q-coat processing can add cost effective barrier properties to films without losing their special easy to open functions.

③ Regular Barrier Film + Q-coat

Q-coat further enhances barrier properties of existing barrier films.

■ Suitable for SDGs Solutions

In Totai, we recommend "Q-coat", which is our own barrier coat processing, in order to implement sustainable measures that are considered to fall under the following two items of "food loss reduction" and SDGs.
In many cases, it is a processing method that improves the water vapor barrier property and oxygen barrier property of food packaging and promotes the extension of the shelf life of the contents.



S-coat is a special process that combines "antistatic" and "barrier deterioration suppression" developed with Totai's proprietary processing technology.

■ Features


It is mainly processed on transparent vapor-deposited PET film, but generally it can also be processed on other films.


Unlike conventional antistatic films, the static agent does not bleed on the surface of the packaging material, and stable antistatic effects last almost permanently.


By protecting the vapor deposition layer of the transparent film with S-coat, the deterioration of physical properties due to cracking is suppressed, and stable physical properties can be maintained.

■ Suitable Application

Any powder and light products, such as coffee, sugar, snacks, premixed flour, instant noodles, rice, dry food, boiled and dried food, tea, bread crumbs, etc.
(Remarks: This film is not FDA approved so it cannot be applicable in the U.S.)

■ Antistatic Properties of S-coat

Side by side comparison of packaging with and without S-coat shows significant reduction of powdered contents adhering to the inner surface film with S-coat.

Antistatic Properties of S-coat

■ Voltage Level Comparison

Sample 1:Transparent VMPET//CPP
Sample 2:Transparent VMPET/S-coat//CPP

  Sample 1 (regular) Sample 2 (with S-coat)
Surface 4.0K V 0.45K V
Sealant 3.5K V 0.22K V

* Test Method by JIS L1094-B


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